Electrical AC system flush machine, comes wit internal reservoir, universal adaptor kit and 3 mt hoses.

Compatible for usage with machine model Pro Plus, this
brand new Fluhing Kit is a professional tool that allows the operator to flush an A/C system with liquid refrigerant, removing contaminated oil and solid residues remaining in the system caused by a broken compressor.

Productcode: AEK102-N14

Liquid Refrigerant Flushing Kit

Productcode: 541f286b6dd132.30366776
690,00 €Prijs

  • Flow: 14 l/min
    Pressure Max: 0,45 mpa Power: 0,6 kw
    Voltage: 220 V
    Internal tank capacity: 10 lt Steel pump body – dry running Viton gaskets
    Flow inverter
    Flow reducer
    Dimensions: 35 x 45 x 35
    Weight: 9,4 kg