Leading the way in UV LEAK DETECTION, Mastercool offers a variety of compact UV Leak locator kits. Each kit offers a powerful inspection lamp, a “refillable” or “cartidge type” dye

Kit Part # Contents of Each Kit Voltage/Watt
53451-220 High intensity swivel head light, with refillable 60ml
dye injector, 60ml concentrated Universal A/C 12V/100 Watt
fluorescent dye (25appl.), 1200ml dye remover, 25
Serv. Info. Lbls. & UV enhancing safety glasses

53451-C-220 Same as 53451-220, but with replaceable 60ml dye 12V/100 Watt
cartridge (25appl.)

Compact UV Leak Locator Kits

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  • Product code: 53451-220